The forest is an open-world survival horror game.  You will be the only survivor of the plane crash in this game, deep in the unfathomable forest. Your main task is to survive.  Collecting branches, keeping warm, hunting, and foraging;  There are also many horrible large creatures here, so when you meet them, you must try to escape.  If you are interested in survival games, then The forest can bring you surprises and experiences that you did not have before.

The forest’s game content

In The forest, you have to learn all kinds of skills for survival in the wild, cut down trees, collect branches, light bonfires, then search for food, explore the jungle, hunt, make articles, complete planting and ensure food supplies.  Your survival skills will be perfectly honed here. Choose a suitable place to become your stronghold and set up your base to defend against monster attacks at night.  Of course, you can choose to sneak into the jungle to assassinate monsters or make weapons to face up to challenges.

The forest’s Game Features

It is a game focusing on the theme of terrorist survival. In The forest, you need to explore the world, the real complex jungle, complete the construction and planting tasks, and face a large number of jungle monsters with various abilities.

The forest is a first-person horror survival game, abundant in-game elements, and you need to survive safely here. If you like adventure, it is the first choice. There is also some danger of earning 2(earn to die 2, because you not only need to drive the vehicle but also need to avoid zombies or kill them in the process of driving to survive in Deus ex successfully.

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